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Car Keys


Terms and conditions:

  • The vehicle should be drive-able and safe. If our technician finds the car unfit or dangerous to drive, we will cancel the booking and advise you on other options on how you can bring your car to the workshop.

  • The vehicle should be within 6 miles radius. If unsure or you do not fall within the radius, please feel free to contact us and we should be able to help you. 

  • We will take payment after the work is complete and before delivery. We will not return the vehicle if payment has not been done or unless some other arrangement has been made in advance. 

  • We prefer to take payments via phone (our lines are fully secured) or via BACS.

  • The collection and drop off location should be the same. We are unable to pick from one location and drop off to a different location. 

  • The vehicle should have a valid road tax and MOT and should be insured. Vehicles booked for MOT is an exception but will still need to be insured. 

  • If a vehicle with no MOT is collected and fails the MOT with a dangerous or major defect, we will not drop the vehicle back for our own safety. The customer must arrange their vehicle's collection.   

  • Whilst conducting collection/delivery, the customer must provide free parking space within reasonable walking distance to park our vehicle whilst we take your car for repair. 

  • We advise going through the bodyworks for any dents and scratches with the driver before handing over the keys. 

  • Collection times are between 8 - 10 am and drop between 5 - 7 pm unless the customer arranges a different time and is confirmed by us. 

  • All online bookings are provisional and do not confirm the booking. Booking must be verified by one of our staff which we normally do via telephone.   

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