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AC Repair


Your reliance on your car's HVAC (heating, ventilation and air-conditioning) system for optimal driving comfort is much higher than you would imagine. Envision driving in a hot humid day without air-con or in a freezing cold day with no heater. Just like many other systems in your vehicle, they go through a lot of duty cycles which therefore, needs to be regularly checked and maintained in order to prevent malfunction. As the saying goes “better safe than sorry”, so it only makes sense to get your HVAC checked.

AC Operation 

You can tell whether the air-con is operating correctly or not by turning it on to feel the coldness of the air. A common misconception vehicle owners make have is, as they turn on the ac and feel the air coming, they presume it is working correctly. However, a good working ac system should feel really cold to the touch.  

Heating Operation

As we prepare for the summer, we will touch more on this topic in the future. However, it the heater is not working correctly, make sure the engine has warmed up as the heating system works in conjunction with the engine and cooling system. If the car still has a problem, give us a shout and we will be happy to help. 

Ventilation & Filtration 

If you have a bad smell when you turn your fan on, chances are there probably is build up of bacteria in the vents. The air goes through a lot of hot➡️cold ➡️hot ♻︎ cycles which creates condensation, and if kept unchecked, leads to bacteria build up. If the cabin/pollen filter is dirty and clogged up, this adds to the problem by restricting sufficient air flow. We can combat this issue by injecting a specially formulated sanitiser (highly atomised particles) through the vents, and circulating it thoroughly to kill all bacteria. We always recommend if your budget allows to replace the pollen filter after this service. Speak to a team member for more details. 

Nitrogen leak test

Have you recently re-gassed your air-con and now, it is not as cold or worse blowing hot air? Most likely you have a leak in your ac system. The air-con is a highly pressurised system and sometimes leaks are so tiny, they go undetected by most repairers. This leads to a very slow but gradual depletion of gas rendering your ac system inoperative. It takes a lot of time and effort to find these leaks and with potentially high repair costs, these commonly get overlooked by vehicle owners. Eventually, as the ac stops working requiring to be re-gassed or worse, the ac system runs dry and damages the compressor (main pump) incurring expensive repair costs. That is why we recommend a nitrogen leak test when you have an inoperative air-con. By injecting nitrogen and pressurising the system, a stress test is performed. As you may guess why nitrogen? The ac system is moisture sensitive and injecting air can further damage the system. Nitrogen being an inert gas is a suitable alternative. Just ask a team member for more details and estimates and if you are after any other HVAC services as well, we can surely help you with a discount. 


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